Is America Broken?

On several recent trips to America, my wife and I have noticed the immense pessimism that is surrounding politics and the economy. People feel like America is going down the drain. They complain and lament about the excesses, greed, and injustice they see. Politics is no longer about the best idea, but who (and what party) proposed the idea.

Can this change? Where does change begin?

It starts with us. It starts with the church with the Word of God as our foundation.

I have been listening to Andy Stanley’s recent series called “Recovery Road”.

I found myself stunned. I have not heard a teaching series in a long, long time that I shouted “Amen” as much as I did this one.

PLEASE, PLEASE – calling all Americans. Listen to the this bold, prophetic message! I do not agree with every word, but it was so refreshing to hear Andy call out the issues that are plaguing America and its politics. This is not a Republican, Democratic, or Tea Party message. This is a Biblical message!

If you are not an American, the truths in this apply to your nation or your personal life as well.

Let me overview the series for you:

Session 1 – We The People – Recovery begins with “we” not “they”.

Session 2 – Taking Inventory – There needs to be a fearless moral inventory. This begins with us.

Session 3 – Credibility Factor -Elect leaders like Nehemiah, ones that have “moral” authority not positional authority.

Session 4 – Declaration of Dependance – Our money says “In God We Trust”

Session 5 – The Spending Crisis – Getting out of debt requires difficult choices

Session 6 – Entitled -What would Jesus think about our nation’s sense of entitlement?

I commend Andy Stanley for wading into this dangerous territory. I think he did a brilliant job at staying apolitical while pointing out issues that “We the People” need to deal with. He concludes the series by challenging us as a church to change this nation. If the church walks in Biblical principles, we have the power to change things. We can be like Nehemiah!

Here is a link to these podcasts. They are worth your while!

I am proud to be an American. Even as a missionary serving oversees, I still care deeply about this nation and I pray for God to do something in the land of my birth.


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