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Chris has been in ministry and missions for over twenty-five years, teaching and ministering in over 60 countries. Previously he lived and served in South Africa with Youth With a Mission. Now, he has returned to his home town to be the Global and Local Outreach pastor at Worship Center, a church over 4000 people call home.

As a young man, God led him to a Bible school where they studied every single book of the Bible, book by book. The only school that does this, he was captivated by how much God saturated His story and people with His grace. This never left Chris, as he personally wrestled with it in his own life.

Being personally transformed by God’s overwhelming Grace, he began to communicate it to others like him. This is his life’s calling. Whether you seemingly “have it together” or feel like a mess, Chris communicates Grace in a way that makes every one who hears, desperate in the same way. Desperate for a Grace that is real and liberating.

Together with his wife Lindsey, and two sons, Garett and Thabo, they formed Project Grace. This is a non-profit ministry designed to help train and equip African nationals to reach into the world. He has also published a series of 24 discipleship devotionals in La Biblia del Discipulado (The Discipleship Bible).

His first book, Death of the Modern Superhero:How Grace Breaks our Rules was first published in 2011.

Chris enjoys coffee, sports, and exploring new corners of the globe. He lives in Lancaster, PA with his wife and two sons. You can follow him and this book on the Facebook group “NoSuperHeroes” or on Twitter.

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