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  • Power Money Gives Us

    Power Money Gives Us

    Last month at A Life Overseas, we discussed the dangerous stories we can tell in order to raise funds. This requires further consideration if we provide funds, pay national workers, or are just generous in any way. While the debate on this one is hot and heavy, I doubt we can make absolute statements. “Always […]

  • Safeguarding Against the Abuse of Power

    Safeguarding Against the Abuse of Power

    Even the noblest of leaders can succumb to the lure of entitlement. We work hard, often at a lower salary than our efforts should provide. What would be so wrong with accepting the perks the job can provide? In the recent downfall of Mark Driscoll and Mars Hill we saw some of this illustrated, most […]

  • How to Be Rich

    How to Be Rich

    Rich is a matter of perspective. There is always someone richer than you and someone poorer than you. My wife, Lindsey, wrote blog post which went off the charts with traffic right around Christmas this past year. The post was entitled,  “Kid’s, We’re Rich!” In the post she offers this definition of wealth: “I think God […]

  • Every Missionary’s Burden

    Every Missionary’s Burden

    Missionaries deal with many things. Poverty, Disease, Visas, Political upheaval, driving on the “wrong” side of the road, and more. Perhaps the part of the job or calling which brings the most dread is support raising. Every job has things which we do not like. Whether you are in business, medicine, or missions. I have […]

  • Money for Missionaries: Which Truth?

    Money for Missionaries: Which Truth?

    The Bible is full of truth. Sometimes, the challenge lies in which blend of truth to apply. Many of these tensions surround missions and money. Let me present three areas missionaries deal with. 1. Raising support as a missionary or minister. 2. Being generous to the poor and needy. 3. Saving money for your future, […]