Which Path Am I On?

We’ve been considering the difference between pleasing God and trusting Him. The motivation has come through  [amazon_link id=”B006G3NFR0″ target=”_blank” ]The Cure: What If God Isn’t Who You Think He Is And Neither Are You[/amazon_link]. I am so impressed with the content of this book and think it hits a nerve among believers as we walk out the grace of God.

Today I want to look at a few questions to help us identify which path we are on. When are primary motivation is to please God, we follow the first path.

Pleasing God can look like “trying to change from who I was into who I should be. We constantly find ourselves working towards becoming more righteous.”

The second path of Trusting God looks different. On this journey we find ourselves “maturing into who I already am (based on what Christ has done). We are already righteous, made right by God the moment we believed.”

Trusting God does not brings shame, but thoughtful evaluation. The path of pleasing God will ultimately end up in failure. When we attempt to perform and inevitably fail, shame enters.

“Shame wants us constantly trying to prove we’re not at bad as we imagine.” In the Room of Grace, we learn we are no longer identified by shame, but acceptance.


Here are some questions which might help us identify which path we are on:

  • Do I measure my closeness to God by how little I’m sinning or by my truth that…Jesus loves me?
  • Do I see myself as a saved sinner or a saint who still sins?
  • When I talk to God, do I spend more time rehearsing my failures or enjoying His Presence?
  • Am I drawn to messages telling me I haven’t done enough or those that remind me who I am so that I’m free to live out this life God’s given me?
  • Do I believe one day I may achieve being pleasing to God or am I convinced I’m already fully changed and fully pleasing?
  • Do I trust disciplines to make me strong or grace to strengthen me?
  • Do I read the Bible as “You ought, You should, Why can’t you and When will you?” or as “You can, this is who you are.”

These are deep questions which require thought, prayer, and input from those around us. Growth in grace is a slow, steady process. In our instant gratification society, we want change now. God wants to journey with us.

Take a deep breath. It’s ok.

We all have areas of works in our life and we will continue to this side of heaven.

But freedom, peace, and contentment comes more and more as we embrace what God has done for us.

Which path are you on? Which path do you want to be on?

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