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  • 2018 Top Books Read!

    2018 Top Books Read!

    It’s time for the annual list of the top books I have read in 2018. This has become a tradition on Thanksgiving/ Black Friday / Cyber Monday / and whatever they will call Tuesday and Wednesday in the future! Without further ado….here are the top books I’ve read this year. [amazon_link id=”0310519659″ target=”_blank” ]People to […]

  • Top Books in 2015

    Top Books in 2015

    I review a lot of books on this blog and many others influence the posts I write. In fact, my best books of the year are always some of the most read posts. Just in time for the holidays and those needing gift ideas, I will give you my… Top Books in 2015 which I have […]

  • Leaders Must Practice Self-Evaluation

    Leaders Must Practice Self-Evaluation

    Recently I heard a team leader of a communication team wanting to protect his first year staff from sitting under too many seasoned, veteran speakers so as not to feel a sense of insecurity. While I can appreciate the pastoral nature of this leadership, I disagree with it from a long-range perspective. If your young communicators […]

  • Is the Old Testament Irrelevant?

    Is the Old Testament Irrelevant?

    Being a grace blog, we often focus on promises of the New Testament and the New Covenant. Does that make the Old Testament irrelevant? Is the old in Old Testament representative of something that has no value in modern-day? Was the God of the Old Testament different than the one we love and serve today? The […]

  • Make Moments

    Make Moments

    Just as we pulled up to join the convoy of safari vehicles, the leopard we had been tracking jumped from his tree and sped off into the bushes. We just missed our moment. The setting was Krueger National Park in South Africa. I was taking my parents on a safari during their visit to our […]