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No More Doom and Gloom

This post is mostly for my American readers in hopes of bringing a different perspective to the sense of doom and gloom which pervades the United States. For my readers of other nationalities, here is a chance to focus on the good in America, not merely the mistakes highlighted by the global media.

The demise of Christianity in America is overstated.

If I take my cues from Facebook, Twitter, and the news reports I receive while overseas, one would assume American Christianity is going down the toilet.

Believers are a in virtual terror at the thought of the political party they support not winning. Claims of the moral decline of America clog the internet’s social media channels. I could easily assume I would be setting foot into a reincarnated Sodom and Gomorrah upon returning.

Yet, to the amateur eye, I saw a different perspective on the level of faith in the United States recently.

In a manner of a few days, I saw Bible studies at multiple coffee shops, Scripture reading people in airports around the nation, and a general receptivity, even excitement, when I informed people I was a missionary.

Recent events like Passion have seen thousands of young people rally around social justice issues. Catalyst conferences around the nation are routinely sold out.

Christianity is not dead. American believers are not in the gutter of faith just yet.

America is still an incredibly generous nation, constantly ranking among the greatest givers to missions.

The nation is still one filled with servants. We have more Americans in missions than almost any other country.

We still have national songs we sing at baseball games like “God Bless America.”

Christianity IS moving to the global south as Philip Jerkins states in his fascinating work,  The Next Christendom : The Coming of Global Christianity (Future of Christianity Trilogy). Moving yes, but not dead.

Maybe your party is not represented in the White House.
Perhaps you feel laws pass which are immoral.

Legalization does not reflect right and wrong. No one is in prison for pride or even adultery. God still defines what is moral, while the land decides on its legality.

Instead of moaning about this, why don’t we join the many Americans I saw which are publicly living out their faith. In many nations, a simple Bible study would land someone in prison with a death sentence.

If you believe America is in a horrible place, please get on a plane and get some perspective.

Stop preaching doom and gloom on Facebook.

Start making a difference! Let’s be apart of change not criticism


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