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  • What is at Stake?

    What is at Stake?

    When we returned to America as a family 18 months ago, it came as a surprise. Coming into my role as a missions and local outreach pastor, I did not have a set strategy or preset plan. I had to come with the eyes of a missionary to my “home”. I was a stranger in […]

  • 3 Simple Reasons to Practice Servanthood

    3 Simple Reasons to Practice Servanthood

    Servanthood is a buzzword in churches and leadership circles today. We need servant leaders, we want to serve our spouse and our families, and we are always asked to be a cheerful servant in various areas in our local place of worship. Why? Here are 3 reasons to practice servanthood. 1. We serve cause Jesus […]

  • Don’t Blame the Church!

    Don’t Blame the Church!

    My English teacher was right! Pronouns are so important. I’ve recently been reading a book on grace. The author is attempting to point out areas for emphasis within the body of Christ. I’ve never met the man, but I am finding myself struggling not to judge him as arrogant. Why? He constantly makes statements against […]

  • Transition


    Transition. Change. We love it when the seasons change or when something bad turns into good. It’s something we dream of as well as stress over simultaneously. We long for moving to the next thing, but it can keep us up at night when it happens to a team we are in charge of. Change brings […]

  • The Creation of a Team Environment

    The Creation of a Team Environment

    Teams need to be built , they don’t just happen. Apple Computer has done an incredible job getting employees to commit to their culture and  environment. They begin an employee’s career by telling them they now have the greatest job. Walk into an Apple Store and you see the difference a positive work environments creates. […]