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  • Hyper-Grace


    We’ve all heard stories of people doing foolish things in the name of grace. This has led to a debate in the church which has been labeled Hyper-Grace. A student asked me some time ago if I believed in this teaching. My response was, “I have no idea but I should learn what it is.” […]

  • The Signs of Christmas

    The Signs of Christmas

    What are the signs which point to Christmas coming? In every culture there are different visuals which alert us to the coming of this holiday season. When I first moved to South Africa, Christmas snuck up on me because I did not see the normal American signs. Once I learned the new signs, I could […]

  • Ownership


    My wife and I recently came to the end of a long journey and were able to purchase a small home in South Africa. After renting for 23 years, I see a stark contrast between ownership and renting. As an owner, when I walked into the house, I saw every minor defect and area which […]

  • Tipping the Scale

    Tipping the Scale

    Today is the 3rd Anniversary of NoSuperHeroes. In honor of this, I have re-engineered the first-ever post, editing it and sprucing it up a bit. As you will see, we started with an emphasis on grace and relationship with God. Three years and 324 posts later, this is still the goal. Hope you’ve enjoyed the […]

  • Turn or Burn

    Turn or Burn

    “The Wrath of God is coming on all flesh. This world is going away! Baseball is going away!” These were the words of a “turn or burn” street preacher I heard at a recent baseball game while in the United States. As he went on, I literally had to walk away because tears were forming […]