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  • A Reminder about Freedom

    A Reminder about Freedom

    True Freedom and Independence takes on a different feel than the modern examples of it

  • What is at Stake?

    What is at Stake?

    When we returned to America as a family 18 months ago, it came as a surprise. Coming into my role as a missions and local outreach pastor, I did not have a set strategy or preset plan. I had to come with the eyes of a missionary to my “home”. I was a stranger in […]

  • Please, Don’t Follow Your Heart

    Please, Don’t Follow Your Heart

    I think I have heard people encouraged to follow their heart more in the last few months than ever. The message seems to come in many forms, some wrapped in Christian packaging. At times the pursuit of our desires leads to something as harmless as a career change or a new hobby. Other applications of […]

  • Will God Love Me More IF…

    Will God Love Me More IF…

    I am guest posting at  Ron Estrada‘s “The Calm Before the Storm” today. I am a part of Ron’s challenge to read 52 books in 52 weeks this year. The question is, Why? Why would we want to read more? Is it to improve knowledge? Maybe. To force yourself through the power of peer pressure […]

  • Love and Grace in The Hunger Games

    “I volunteer as a tribute..” The Hunger Games a is part love story, part survival of the fittest adventure, very reminiscent of Survivor. Each year, in this futurist version of the USA, two competitors from each of the 12 districts are forced to fight the death as a part of the Hunger Games. Some districts […]