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  • Hardship Brings Even More Grace

    Hardship Brings Even More Grace

    Grace through trials is not learned in a classroom but through actually going through hardship.

  • Tipping the Scale

    Tipping the Scale

    Today is the 3rd Anniversary of NoSuperHeroes. In honor of this, I have re-engineered the first-ever post, editing it and sprucing it up a bit. As you will see, we started with an emphasis on grace and relationship with God. Three years and 324 posts later, this is still the goal. Hope you’ve enjoyed the…

  • Motivated By Eternal Rewards

    Motivated By Eternal Rewards

    I’ve recently been posting on some travel strategies drawn from my 21 years of experience. In the pursuit of travel rewards, you must always check your motives for spending a little extra. Do you need that perk, or are you walking in an addiction to accumulation? It becomes easy to justify a $50 purchase of…

  • Complicating the Simple

    Complicating the Simple

    How do I go to heaven? What is required to be saved? Poll 10 Christians and you are likely to get 10 answers. If someone Googles “How do I go to heaven?”, what will they find? “Keeping the Commandments” “Living a Holy Life” “Bear fruit” “Don’t be lukewarm” “Voting for a certain political party” (…

  • What Happens to me on Judgment Day?

    What Happens to me on Judgment Day?

    This is a series of posts on NoSuperHeroes based on the Top Questions I receive in my Grace Seminars. Come back each day to see how we answer our questions without changing the message of Grace! Top Question: I’m afraid of Judgment Day. What will happen when I stand before God? As I grew up, I…