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  • What is at Stake?

    What is at Stake?

    When we returned to America as a family 18 months ago, it came as a surprise. Coming into my role as a missions and local outreach pastor, I did not have a set strategy or preset plan. I had to come with the eyes of a missionary to my “home”. I was a stranger in…

  • Gospel Versus Religion

    Gospel Versus Religion

    I’m teaching Galatians this week in Cape Town. In my preparation, I came across a comparison floating around the internet of the gospel versus religion by Tim Keller. I thought it was worth sharing with you all here at NoSuperHeroes.com. It is worth chewing on, searching our hearts for the subtle differences which can creep into…

  • The Gospel is Foolishness

    The Gospel is Foolishness

    Do you ever feel like people think you are a fool for being a Christian? Does it seem like our faith does not make a lot of sense? I have a friend who is a former Muslim. He tells me he has many more reasons to be a Muslim than a Christian. He says, “Muslims eat…