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  • The Value of Community

    The Value of Community

    I recently saw the power of community in action. I was away from my family in South Africa, traveling to teach in various Bible Schools and grace seminars. During my trip, my son began to suffer with asthma. We debated whether to take him in to the doctors, having treated this condition at home before.…

  • Community Development

    Community Development

    How did God take a group of refugees and build them into the strongest nation on earth? Can we learn things from this that can help us in developing nations to see community development established? God begins this journey with the nation of Israel after they have left slavery in Egypt. As they are in…

  • A Plastic Community

    A Plastic Community

    We all have seasons in our lives where we struggle financially. When you live on support or through donations, a regular paycheck does not appear each week or month. Whether business, sales, of the missionary life, some months are good and some are difficult. There are two kinds of people when times are lean in…