Losing Focus

Over the last twenty plus years in missions I have learned we go through seasons. We are currently on a furlough, and it is times like these where you can see things in a clearer fashion.

There is something which slowly and subtely was missing from my missions. I was not misusing ministry funds or walking in immorality.

But my focus had drifted.

Not even to bad things.

If our focus is on our product, numbers, programs, or fundraising strategies, we are not practicing missions. Our efforts may be closer to business or entrepreneurial efforts

Often when we feel consumed by these things we remind ourselves that the focus should be the people. We look to serve, to bless, to lift out of poverty or rescue out of injustice.

While these things are good, this is not truly missions. Losing focus is easy to do.

After awhile missions begins to look like any other humanitarian organization. What is different from us and the Red Cross or the Red Crescent? How is our care of people unique to those in any other NGO or non profit group? Are we the peace corp with a fish sticker on our bumper?

Are we guilty of missing God in missions?

The Apostle Paul is perhaps the greatest example of a life lived for God and doing it in a sold out manner.He was the greatest missionary in history, having suffered shipwrecks and multiple forms of persecution.

The mission was important for Paul, but it was not the core.

He created great programs and products.
His life influenced the masses

But these were not the focus.

By Liam Andrew Cura
By Liam Andrew Cura

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