Grace is not a Girly Message

As I was preparing to launch my blog on grace, I was searching online for other grace based blogs. I found a few and noticed a common theme. Most of the blogs authors were women. Most of the comments on these blogs were also from women.

It reminded me of the times I have spoken on grace. I’ve had men comment on my message by saying, “that message is more applicable for women than men.”

I have nothing against women bloggers. I fully believe that women can teach me a lot in the area of grace. They put up with men after all!

Hear this loud and clear: Grace is not a girlie man message!

In our performance driven society, men feel tremendous pressure to make more money, be the romantic husband, the loving father, the involved church and community member, and more. The list never ends. Men face  massive pressure to do “works” and perform.

Have you ever noticed that we don’t like to ask directions, even when we are obviously lost? Even in these small events we cannot show weakness. From the moment we are born, we hear a message in which men must succeed.

We take this perfection mentality into our walk with God. We feel the need to perform for acceptance. It’s hard to hear talk of sin and weakness, when the world says men don’t do that!

Paul the apostle was one of the most manly men that ever lived. He openly threatens castration to those who pervert his message of grace alone. (The verse is Galatians 5:12.It says “cut off” if you have a politically correct translation.) He has a massive list of physical infirmities he has been through. Manly stuff like shipwrecks, beatings, and people taking target practice at his head with large rocks! (2 Corinthians 11:23-29)

After reading my book on grace, a South African farmer told me that grace revolutionized his relationship with God. This is no wimp. South African farmers are men’s men.

Grace is not a girly message.

Men and women are equally in need of the grace of God in this performance driven society.

Isn’t it time that we do a better job of presenting the essence of the gospel in a manly form?

What other ways are we driven away from grace due to societies expectations?

What blogs are out there that present grace? I would love some suggestions on them written by both men and women!

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