How often does some form of this bargaining  plea cross our minds?

“God….If you ______, I promise to ______.”

Fill in the blanks with our chosen sign to give us the direction of the Almighty.

We seek after prophetic words. A well-known prophet is in town and we attend hoping to hear some direct line of communication from God himself, revealing something we’ve never considered.

We play Bible roulette with our questions. Our Bible flops open to a passage designed to inspire our future actions, only it reads some obscure passage about judgment on Babylon. Take two. Try Again!

We’ve even developed “Christian” words for this practice. We put out a “fleece” because that is what Gideon did in Judges 6.

These are well-intentioned, but misguided activities.

The Bible is full of leadership traits and characteristics. Many of these are not applied.

We all know of countless examples where leaders had a love of money, did not walk in sexual fidelity, or raise those dreaded “PK’s” (pastor’s kids, indicating they have issues in their family).

None of us apply all the leadership principles all the time. We are not perfect people.

But, are their some traits which we flat overlook?

I’d like to propose the two of the most overlooked leadership traits are found in a list of characteristics of overseers and deacons in 1 Timothy 3.

1. Gentleness (1 Tim. 3:3)
You will not find this in most leadership books on the market. Many consider gentleness to be weak while leaders are meant strong. If you think this is the perspective in modern times, it was much, much more in the male-dominated culture of the first century.

The Power of a Smile

July 5, 2014

I’ve been traveling in the United States for two weeks with my family. We’ve been to numerous restaurants, hotels, and airports as we hit six states in our first ten days in the country.

I’ve been struck with the radical difference in customer service from various companies and chains.

Southwest Airlines - after flying close to a million miles in my life, I took my first ever flights on Southwest Airlines. The hype is true!  They are friendly, efficient, and fun. While offering less frills than other carriers, the commitment to fun and friendliness has the power to win me over.

Hyatt Hotels - We stayed at two Hyatt Place hotels on our journey. Each time we were greeted repeatedly by the staff. They also put together a really cool room with a sectional couch/ living room corner. I will return to this chain!

Delegation With Trust

June 28, 2014

We’ve all experienced the dreaded dirty delegation.

We are given a task, but then the supervisor micro-manages our every move, never really releasing us to do the job. We end up watching them do it and walk away feeling unsatisfied.

Why didn’t they just do it themselves?

We feel a lack of trust.

No one wants to be on the receiving end of delegation with strings attached. Unfortunately, we may have been on the giving end of it as well.

Gracious, trusting leadership is not the corporate norm. Even in churches or the non-profit world, it is common for the charismatic leader to have everything flow through them.

Turnover can be high because people feel like minions doing the king’s bidding rather than a trusted, integral part of the team.


By Chris Sardegna

Faith and Caution

June 21, 2014

Faith and caution may be considered enemies by some.

Christians are often implored to step out in faith, believe that God speaks, and take bold steps into the unknown.

After all, James tells us “Faith without works is dead.” (James 2)

God is not looking to create impulsive Christians who are known for faith-laced, but poor decisions.

There is meant to be a balance of these two things. Faith and caution, not faith or caution.

Why should we be cautious?

As humans we must realize we are fallible, fallen, and limited. We do hear God, but not always 100%. This requires us to walk in caution as well as faith. This keeps us “working out our salvation with fear and trembling.

Here are some points of caution which will help us determine if our direction is coming from God, or our own desires.