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  • Top 10 Books I’ve Read in 2012

    Top 10 Books I’ve Read in 2012

    I spend a lot of time reading. In fact, this year in addition to many blogs and news sites, I have read more than 70 books (including fiction). (for a complete list, click here) I have picked my Top 10 books I’ve read in 2012. Many are ones I have reviewed on this site. Take […]

  • Study, Do, Teach

    Study, Do, Teach

    Many of us have a dream from God. How do these dreams become a reality? God could just drop them out of the sky, but He usually give dreams to those who have been faithful to invest in knowing Him and His Word Many of us have been told since we were young to “read […]

  • The Bible and Fiscal Cliffs

    The Bible and Fiscal Cliffs

    With pundits predicting doom in America, it would be a great time to see what the Bible says about money, all the more as the United States approaches the “Fiscal Cliff.” The most common statement about money that people know from the Bible is that money is the root of all evil. That is incorrect. […]

  • Miserable Servants

    Miserable Servants

    There are a group of people who serve in every church or volunteer group. In my missions organization, I find these folks on every campus. The Miserable Servants. People who are faithful to serve, but never seem very happy about it. You do your best to try and help them. You offer to reduce their […]

  • Deep and Wide by Andy Stanley

    Deep and Wide by Andy Stanley

    Today  I am reviewing Andy Stanley’s most recent book, [amazon_link id=”B007JJENWG” target=”_blank” ]Deep and Wide: Creating Churches Unchurched People Love to Attend[/amazon_link]. Andy’s book is predominately geared towards pastors, church leaders, or church planters to help them reach the unchurched through their churches. I am not a pastor, church leader, or church planter. And I love […]