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  • Changing An Ungracious Culture

    Changing An Ungracious Culture

    I’ve done a lot of reflecting recently on my past years in leadership when I worked with a multi-cultural international team overseeing a missions campus. I am still haunted by several poor decisions we made. These are clearly seen in hindsight, but in the midst of busy schedules and deadlines, often go unnoticed until it […]

  • On Leadership and Mark Driscoll

    On Leadership and Mark Driscoll

    This is not a Mark Driscoll bashing post. I applaud Mark Driscoll and Mars Hill for what they have done in a location the church has not had a lot of success, Seattle. I do not agree with everything he has taught, especially his view on women and marriage, but love that he and his […]

  • A Legacy Mindset

    A Legacy Mindset

    “Humility has to be a value to learn and increase your influence.” I recently had the opportunity to attend the Global Leadership Summit. Bill Hybels gave the opening talk. This was my first time hearing Bill and he had a lot of great information for gracious leaders. Bill pointed out that humility enables us to […]

  • The Most Overlooked Leadership Traits

    The Most Overlooked Leadership Traits

    The Bible is full of leadership traits and characteristics. Many of these are not applied. We all know of countless examples where leaders had a love of money, did not walk in sexual fidelity, or raise those dreaded “PK’s” (pastor’s kids, indicating they have issues in their family). None of us apply all the leadership […]

  • Delegation With Trust

    Delegation With Trust

    We’ve all experienced the dreaded dirty delegation. We are given a task, but then the supervisor micro-manages our every move, never really releasing us to do the job. We end up watching them do it and walk away feeling unsatisfied. Why didn’t they just do it themselves? We feel a lack of trust. No one […]