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  • Trusting God

    Trusting God

    When life seems out of control, where do we turn for our anchor in the storm? Can we find peace through trusting God? Do we find secure in finances or retirement accounts? Do we feel safe if we own personal guns or firearms? Do we depend on earthly governments to produce a sense of peace in […]

  • God Uses Ordinary People

    God Uses Ordinary People

    Society tells us we must be bigger, better, faster and stronger to find success. The fact that society exalts displays of strength is not something new to the twenty-first century. Paul dealt with these very things in Second Corinthians. Corinth was a leading first-century city, steeped in the Greek worldview, a worldview that exalted all […]

  • Keeping Ministry Attractive to your Children

    Keeping Ministry Attractive to your Children

    As part of celebrating my first Blog-i-versary, I am re-posting some of my favorite posts which capture the heart of NoSuperHeroes. This post is one I enjoy because it captures the tension of missions and family. In the stage of life our family is, this is just as real today as when I wrote it. […]

  • The Gospel is Foolishness

    The Gospel is Foolishness

    Do you ever feel like people think you are a fool for being a Christian? Does it seem like our faith does not make a lot of sense? I have a friend who is a former Muslim. He tells me he has many more reasons to be a Muslim than a Christian. He says, “Muslims eat […]

  • Do Christians Try to Manipulate God?

    Do Christians Try to Manipulate God?

    In his book [amazon_link id=”0340832762″ target=”_blank” ]Bono on Bono[/amazon_link], the lead singer of the Irish rock band U2, shares the most culturally relevant presentations of the gospel I have heard. He does this without using religious words or catchphrases such as “washed in the blood.” Bono explains the world has two main forces—grace and karma. […]