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  • The Value of One

    The Value of One

    Our family recently returned to the United States for a furlough over the holiday season. Our trip from Cape Town to New York City went via Istanbul and was slated to take us about 34 hours from our home in South Africa to our family in Pennsylvania. On a long trip with children, you do […]

  • Racking up Frequent Flyer Miles

    Racking up Frequent Flyer Miles

    While the airlines are not handing out miles like they were a few years ago, it is still a worthwhile investment to accrue miles. They offer free travel and loyalty perks. I conservatively estimate my family has cashed in 40 free airline tickets over the last 20 years. Notice I said conservative. I regret missing […]

  • Don’t Be a Cheap Traveler, Airline Loyalty Pays

    Don’t Be a Cheap Traveler, Airline Loyalty Pays

    Over the last 15 plus years, I estimate I have cashed in 40 free flights saving thousands of dollars. Do I have your attention? This week on NoSuperHeroes, I will be sharing some of the travel wisdom I have acquired through the years. I have taught classes on this in the past with our fellow¬†volunteer¬†workers. […]