Growing Your Team

I am not talking about growth as we often measure in the terms of how large your team is. This is not about numbers!

One of the key elements to build a team is providing opportunities for growth for your members. People want to be apart of something bigger than themselves, but also participate in a project where they feel their skills will be enhanced and their character grown.

A successful team knows people need desire continual learning. Growth can be provided through:
Skill Development
Interpersonal Skills
Character Growth

On our team in Africa, we provide all kinds of training programs for our staff. If they are not growing, it is not for lack of opportunity.

One of our most successful tools is evaluation. People need to know what they are doing well for encouragement, and where they can improve in order to spur on change. This process works for all of the above areas of growth and development.

But it requires honesty.

As a leader you must:
Give people clear expectations for the requirements to do the job.
Provide any training they will need.
Share feedback and areas for growth along the way.
And upon completion, assess areas of success and improvement for the future.

In order to build a team that moves forward, people want a nagging question answered. We all have it, lurking under the surface.

What is in it for me?

It sounds horrible but it is reality. A  paycheck or the satisfaction of serving and seeing lives changed is nice. But, we all have a vested personal interest in improving ourselves and our skill set.

People want invested in.

You want it too!

Look at the list above.

We all would love to have people let us know expectations, provide evaluation along the way, and then assess areas of strength and weakness.

We would like this.  So do those individuals who comprise your team.

If you are willing to take time to help people grow in both skills and character, the team will be build, moving your closer to the goal.

And it will be build with healthy, balanced people.

Andy Stanley tells us,
“Healthy people are productive people.”
“Healthy people are about the future. ”
“Healthy people are about advancement.”

Invest in your people and you will reap success in achieving your goals.

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