Grace Has No Shelf Life

Someone asked me the other day, “How long have you been teaching grace?”

It caused me to consider the message I’ve shared for so long. I don’t grow tired of it and certainly have not exhausted the applications it brings to my life.

So many things in our lives have a shelf life.

Any 2 liter bottle of Coke or soda gives you about 2 days before it becomes flat.

Banana’s routinely turn brown and mushy before we get to them.

Bread, in many countries, starts growing interesting colors of mold after a few days.

The only thing out there which seems to have no shelf life is McDonald’s food. This goes to show, the healthier you eat, the more you consider shelf life.

Grace has no shelf life.

Grace doesn’t go flat, get mushy, or grow mold.

Grace even lasts longer than McDonald’s.


I’ve been teaching grace for the past 19 years. I don’t grow weary of it. In fact, I love it more than ever.

I continue to see its truth in new ways throughout the pages of Scripture.

Grace’s’ application constantly challenges me to consider if I am being a dispenser of grace or a gracious leader.

I often pray to show more grace as a father and a spouse.

No, I’m not tired of it. It’s message has not reached expiration date. I’m not ready to move on to fresher truths.

Grace is timeless and inexhaustible in its applications.

The more I share on it, the more I see my desperate need for it.

The longer I preach it, the more I realize looking at grace is looking at a reflection of Jesus.

McDonald’s will come and go, but grace will remain.

Grace has no shelf life. Or, if it does, it would read, “Eternity.”

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