Change: An Unexpected Roadmap

You’ve cast the visioninstilled the values, spent hours of  time guiding and training your team. You are ready to soar!


  • A key player falls sick and enters the hospital.
  • The exciting events of marriages and pregnancies are causes for celebration yet create waves of change in a family or organization.
  • In missions it could be the denial of a visa or the lack of finances.


Change creates instability and insecurity.

Yet it is inevitable.


Life changes, people and personnel move on; situations happen.

The need to build a team culture and move people towards a goal never ends, it just changes.

Even within the framework of a family, there are seasons. You might have a rallying cry for a short time only to realize the needs of your family are changing. Adjustment then needs to occur.

Here is the interesting part.

Isn’t this our goal?

Change is not all bad, it carries positive elements as well. Perhaps things are changing because you have reached your goal! We like this type of change!

When we set out with a vision, it was to see this moment of change.

Many of the changes we experience were not part of the strategy or master plan. But our ultimate goal and vision was making something, someone, or somewhere different.

Change is our aim.

When we start with a vision and a strategy, our journey from A to B appears a straight line. We visualize the end and anticipate the steps along the way.

As life has it, and likely God as well, the end result looks more like an explorer’s map with many starts, stops, dead ends, and retreats along the way. Perhaps this looks a bit like the Israelites 40 year journey of wandering in the desert in Exodus.

  • Success lies in progress, not the route or road map.
  • Success lies in lives impacted and changed along the way.
  • Success is accomplishing God’s goals, even if they are slightly different than ours.
  • Success is adapting and morphing to the situations life brings our way, all the while navigating forward.

We never set out with the full picture in mind. If we knew all the bumps and bruises along the way, we likely would never begin!

Change is both scary and rewarding.

Good luck and Godspeed.