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Death of the Modern Superhero has been used in discipleship classes, small groups, counseling minsitries, and missions training programs.

Here are some reviews on Death of the Modern Superhero

“I was finally able to read your book during my flights from the states to Afghanistan.  A very practical book that I thoroughly enjoyed reading.  As I was traveling and going through such an emotional “roller coaster” deploying here,  your words and scriptures in the book provided me with such a sense of calm that was so important for me at that time.”    (A soldier serving in Afghanistan)

Death of the Modern Superhero has become special to me.   It helped me to see and summarize what God is doing to change the dynamics of my inner life.   Since 1987, I consciously taught and preached salvation by grace, but with the childhood pain, the strong reactive lifestyle patterns, etc. I was for the most part a living contradiction.  I have spent all of my adult life enduring and healing from the childhood verbal abuse.  Now is the time to learn and live what “spiritually healthy” means.  In response to God’s work in my life, I am repenting of the work-a-holic lifestyle and dramatically slowing down…Your book has helped me to clarify the lines between grace (all spiritual blessing from God) and faith (living confidently out of gratitude on a Christ-completed foundation). I realize now that “Christian” works righteousness (or being a superhero) confuses the difference between grace and faith in our day-to-day experience.”    (A lifetime minister and pastor)

My sister had just finished reading it and went to a group at her new church and said the entire conversation revolved around the things you talked about and she really wanted to just hand them each a book and send them home to read it. 🙂  A couple of my former campus life students are in college now and it seems like that’s been the time when the idea of man’s depravity and what grace actually is is starting to click and I’ve had some pretty intense conversations recently, and wished I hadn’t given all my copies away!”  (A friend and former co-worker who passed the book to her sister)

Here is someone who found encouargement as she walked through a battle with cancer.

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Here is a testimony about the grace seminars:

So it’s Thursday, fourth day of DTS and third day of lectures….wow.  That’s all I can say.  Our first week is totally on Grace.  Our speaker, Chris Lautsbaugh, is a YWAM leader from South Africa.  He is amazing with how he can communicate the bible and the concept of Grace to us.

Can you truly grasp Grace?…Getting something we don’t deserve at all from someone that is most deserving of every waking moment of our day.  Grace is undeserved kindness or an unmerited favor.  Interestingly enough, Christianity is the only religion to involves Grace.  In fact, the only way we ever get to enjoy true happiness, heaven, is through Grace given to us through the ultimate creator, God.

In Philippians 3:4-10 Paul talks about how he was an amazing teacher and was very “religious”  and tells people to compare themselves to him.  That he was as religious as the people came, and he says it’s all for nothing compared to knowing Christ and his Grace and love…” 


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