What Breaks Your Heart?

I am blogging from Atlanta, Georgia at the Catalyst 2014 Conference. I have been asked to serve as a part of the Blogger Team at Catalyst!

Andy Stanley, Pastor of North Point Community Church and one of the best communicators out there opens up each Catalyst Conference. He read from Nehemiah 1 and asked us two questions.

Andy-Stanley CAtalyst

  1. Who are you?

  2. What breaks your heart?

Even if small, what is in you that must bring about change?

There is a correlation between leaders and change.

  • Great leaders make things better.
  • Great leaders love progress.
  • Great leaders fix broken things.
  • Great leaders don’t blame.

“Blame is the most effective change avoidance strategy.”

We, as leaders, hate to see broken things be broken. Broken hearted leaders effect change.

As a leader, you have been invited into the story of God which began before you and will go on after you.

The thing which breaks your heart is perhaps the very thing God wishes to do through you to move God’s mission forward.

God broke Nehemiah heart over the condition of the wall and the gates in Jerusalem. Because he was a leader, he decided that must change.

Is it possible your broken heart is by divine design?

You have been called to change the things surrounding you which breaks your heart.
You have not been called to change the world, You have been called to change something.
You have no idea what hangs in the balance. We have no idea what God might want to do through you.

Who are you? What breaks your heart

Lead into the thing which breaks your heart.

“Many years from now, what would you like people to line up and thank you for?” Sandra Stanley

What God originates, God orchestrates.

If God has originated a broken heart in you, “how” is not a problem. Leaders figure out how. If how was obvious it would already be done. Do not allow the question of “how” to drown the burden of tears you shed over what needs to be changed.

As a called leader, your talents and interests will intersect with God’s divine purposes for the world.

Ask ourselves the question: Is there a way to be who I am and bring change in this situation?

When something breaks our heart, we need to Change It!

What breaks your heart?

Who are we at NoSuperHeroes? What breaks our heart? The answer to these question center around The Grace of GodBe it Christian growth, parenting, or leadership; the filter is GRACE.

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This message also really reminds me of a post I did a few years ago called One Big Thing.


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