Weekend Wanderings – Sept. 7

September 7, 2012

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Weekend Wanderings is a collection of links and pages that impacted me during the previous week or so.

Some gems to ponder over the weekend:

Sometimes it is easy as leaders to feel we cannot struggle with certain things. Perry Noble talks about 9 things every leader struggles with.

Ben Reed offers a great challenge in our parenting to let boys be boys. I am a Dad, and I needed this reminder.

On the other side of the parenting spectrum, Steady Mom has a great post of how little things add up to big things. You may not feel like you are making progress on your dreams during the season of parenthood, but being faithful little by little can get you there.

Sammy Adebiyi gives us 5 Ways to Use Jesus to Disobey the Bible. If the title does not get you the article will.

And from the slightly political section:

Eugene Cho has a brilliant comparison between the convention speeches made by women and the silencing of women in the body of Christ. Imagining that amazing women such as Michelle Obama, Ann Romney, and Condoleezza Rice would be silenced in the church is a sobering challenge.

You can hold whatever political opinion of Barack Obama that you wish, but when it come to his marriage and family, he is a fantastic role model of someone in public service (this includes ministry). I think we need to acknowledge good examples when we see them. Refusing to only testifies to our own blindness.

Don’t forget to wander on by the rest of NoSuperHeroes.com.

The top post for the month of September is: Max Lucado on Grace

What other gems have you found?

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