Weekend Wanderings – Sept. 21

September 21, 2012

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Weekend Wanderings is a collection of the best I have found on the web in the last week or so.

Take a look at the gems this week:

Carey Nieuwhof posts about the overweight Christian leader. Its not quite what you think.

Eric Bryant talks on the Gifts of Conflict. He gives 10 reasons why conflict is a gift.

A study done on the Bible readings habits of Christians. The numbers are sad, but it may be a reflection on the manner in which we present the Bible to the church rather than its inability to read it. We need to do a better job of showing them the relevance. Ok, off the soapbox, go have a LOOK.

Jenni Catron has a great look at the place of rules and principles in Throw out the Rule Book.

Randy Alcorn asks a question I have wondering often. Why do people continue to link current events to end times prophecy and never comment on being wrong 100% of the time! Take a look!

Loren Pinilis at Life of a Steward offers a practical suggestion to not put too much into that “free week” or “season where I will get lots done”. We push everything into those times and end of disappointed. Take a look at Work Small; Don’t Hope in the Big Blocks of Time.

While you are here, stay awhile!

The top post for the month of September is :Avoiding the Middle Seat (and other travel tips)

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