Weekend Wanderings: Nov. 16th

November 16, 2012

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Welcome again to Weekend Wanderings, the best from the last week or two on the web.

Brian Dodd gives some great thoughts on generosity and giving by analyzing Northpoint Community Church’s ability to raise 1.5 million to give away the community.

Jon Stolpe weighs in with a thought provoking look at the juggling acts of truth and grace we engage in as believers.

Pastor Pete Wilson has an honest look at why prayer is such a challenge for us.

On the post election front, I found two interesting articles.

The first is one of the most thought provoking I have read in years. Read “If You are Truly Pro-life you’d Vote Democrat.” with an open mind and heart. It deals with the abortion and sanctity of life issues, challenging us to consider impacting this area through more than changing laws. Seriously, it brings you pause for thought even if you disagree.

Secondly, I recommend “How Christians Respond when we Lose an Election“. For those disappointed by the recent results, Eric Bryant offers some wise works.


Remember to have a look around at NoSuperheroes!

The top post for the month of November is Election Time: Love, Fear, and Idolatry

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