Weekend Wanderings – May 2013

May 24, 2013

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Weekend Wanderings is back! Here are a few links and best posts I’ve read from the month of May.

Judah Smith has a short clip on What Grace is and What it is Not. Take a look.

Keith Ferrin, guest posting on Mary DeMuth’s blog talks about The 1 Change that Helped Me Like the Bible.

Stephanie May writes a great post, Quitting the Christianity Club, at Prodigal Magazine; speaking of the easy trap of turning our faith into tasks and duties.

A super short, but super deep look at the “balance” of grace at True Faced.

A refreshing, honest post on Donald Miller’s blog about how none of use really know what we are doing!

A great look at the reading habits of pastors via Church Leaders

An interesting dialogue has taken place on the web lately. Matthew Anderson wrote a piece for Christianity Today entitled Here Come the Radicals, addressing many of the best-selling authors that are promoting a radical, do something faith. He asked if we can maintain that kind of radical life. Later, one of the authors himself,  Francis Chan responds to the article.


Take a moment and browse around NoSuperHeroes.com! 

The top post for May is Avoiding the Middle Seat: (and more Travel Tips) based off of an article I wrote for A Life Overseas about Benefits for Missionaries Who Travel

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