Weekend Wanderings: Feb. 15th


Weekend Wanderings is back! Here are a few links and best posts I’ve read from the last few weeks:

Scott Williams combines grace and sports. It does not get any better than that in I’m Thankful to be Afforded the same Grace as Ray Lewis. 

My friend Tony Alicea contributes a great article to Prodigal Magazine, I Will Try To Fix You. In this season of Valentines Day, this is a great post on relationships and the Bible.

Church Leaders has a brief and powerful post, Eugene Peterson’s Book Title is Genius, referring to his book A Long Obedience in the Same Direction. I agree! I mentioned this in my book on Grace as well.

CNN Religion blog, John S Dickerson has a great article, “A Word to Christians: Be Nice.” This reflects the hateful attitude many believers reflect on social media. I’ve touched on this issue before. This is a great addition to the discussion.

Also, take a look inside the Obama White House, and see one man’s service and influence in promoting the gospel that many of us never hear about!

By: Elinor

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