Weekend Wanderings: Feb. 15th

February 15, 2013

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Weekend Wanderings is back! Here are a few links and best posts I’ve read from the last few weeks:

Scott Williams combines grace and sports. It does not get any better than that in I’m Thankful to be Afforded the same Grace as Ray Lewis.¬†

My friend Tony Alicea contributes a great article to Prodigal Magazine, I Will Try To Fix You. In this season of Valentines Day, this is a great post on relationships and the Bible.

Church Leaders has a brief and powerful post, Eugene Peterson’s Book Title is Genius, referring to his book A Long Obedience in the Same Direction. I agree! I mentioned this in my book on Grace as well.

CNN Religion blog, John S Dickerson has a great article, “A Word to Christians: Be Nice.” This reflects the hateful attitude many believers reflect¬†on social media. I’ve touched on this issue before. This is a great addition to the discussion.

Also, take a look inside the Obama White House, and see one man’s service and influence in promoting the gospel that many of us never hear about!


By: Elinor

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The most popular post in February is : Religious Activism of the Insecure

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