Weekend Wanderings – April 5th

It was an ideal spring day

Weekend Wanderings is back! Here are a few links and best posts I’ve read from the last few weeks:

Sammy Adebiyi makes a return appearance on the Wanderings with Why Following Jesus is Exactly Like Snoring. A great post about attempting to live the Christian life

Referring to Malcolm Gladwell’s excellent book [amazon_link id=”B001ANYDAO” target=”_blank” ]Outliers: The Story of Success[/amazon_link], Rachel Held Evans shares Jesus Started With the Outliers. This reminds me of an older post I wrote that is consistently in my Top 5 month after month entitled God Uses Ordinary People.

Jen Hatmaker has a challenging, applicable post on showing more grace entitled “More Grace: On Not Being Mean, Hateful, and Horrible. “

Mike Bickle has a great article on the truth of grace coupled with the application of holiness in What’s Wrong With Grace?

And here is a deep, thought-provoking, two-part post from Christena Cleveland which people working in missions or with under privileged should consider.

Listening Well as a Person of Privilege. Part 1 : The Rules are Different for You and Part 2 : Who’s Discomfort is Motivating Me to Act

It was an ideal spring day
By: Nishanth Jois

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The top post for March was :Are You A Narcissistic Leader?