Weekend Wanderings – April 19

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Weekend Wanderings is back! Here are a few links and best posts I’ve read from the last few weeks:

Donald Miller’s blog Storyline featured  a great, thought-provoking post entitled “Is Busy-ness A Drug?” by Shauna Niequist If you find yourself intrigued, it is likely you need to read.

Paul Tripp via Christianity Today makes the Wanderings for his article, Calling Killers. He lists three mistakes many people and ministers can make which can derails us. This is a powerful message.

In the wake of the tragedy Rick Warren and his family are walking through, Christianity Today published a well written article on Suicide, When Suicide Strikes in the Body of Christ.

A practical, yet challenging article from the LA Times, How not to say the Wrong Thing. This perspective has something to teach all of us.

and finally, since this is a blog about grace, the wanderings would not be complete without one of the heroes of grace. Relevant Magazine and Ben Simpson offer a fitting reflection on the life of Brennan Manning entitled The Ragamuffin Legacy.


NIKKO Colored Leaves_12
By: ajari

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The top post for April is one which was an oldie but a goodie: God Uses Ordinary People