Want a Free Copy?

New Book Cover

Attention all Bloggers or Website Owners!

I will provide you with a FREE paperback copy or Kindle version of Death of the Modern Superhero!

In exchange for this I will ask you to do the following:

1. Email me at chris (at) nosuperheroes.com
2. Provide a mailing address for the paper copy or an email for the kindle/pdf copy. Please include your blog or website address so I can verify you are real (sorry spam stinks)
3. READ the entire book! (This is key!)
4. Post a review on your blog or website. (it does not have to be gushing or even positive)
5. Send me a link when you publish your review
6. Tweet about it or share it on Facebook.
7. Share the review on amazon.com, even linking to your post
8. Tell your friends!

If you are willing to help me this way, I will give you a FREE Review copy.


I will give you a future discount on all other copies ordered through me!

So, don’t delay, get your FREE Copy today!

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