The Value of Relationship

May 31, 2012

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I recently reconnected with some good friends after 12 years apart. We had served in missions together. I was privileged to watch them fall in love and then was able to officiate at their wedding.

Our reunion was not awkward. Things picked up right where we left off. It was as if we were apart 12 days rather than 12 years. Even for an introvert, I found myself chatting and interacting the entire week.

This reconnection was a breath of fresh air. There was history, understanding, and familiarity which brought such comfort and refreshment.

The challenge in missions is to maintain these friendships. Especially those of us engaging with many short-term workers. It is easy to find fatigue in constantly meeting new people, only to say goodbye in a few months; or years if we are fortunate.

My best friend on the planet (other than my wife) is one I began my missions career with nearly 21 years ago. We have made it a point to call and visit in person through the years, maintaining this relationship.

I consider this money well spent. I have gotten creative at times using frequent flyer miles or connecting a visit to a teaching trip.

The older I get , the more I believe we only have so many friends that will be with us a lifetime. These are worth investing in.

Time spent on Facebook and email.
Phone calls and Skype connections.
Best of all, face to face visits.
Both technology and time spent keeps us connected.

Relationships are one of our most important activities we can engage in. In a world plagued by loneliness and isolation, any efforts to maintain these connections are worth the investment.

Who do you need to renew a friendship with today? Take the first step and write their name in the comment section as a commitment to reconnect.

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