Top 3 Reads of 2012 (so far)

I am an avid reader. I find as my children get older, and with the new purchase of a Kindle Keyboard , I am reading even more.

One of my most popular post was the Top Reads of 2011 last year.

So having consumed 26 books already this year, let me offer a teaser of what may make the Top Read for 2012 list in the future. (This is not counting  Cross-Cultural Servanthood, which I have blogged about. That book is a re-read. Had it been a new read, it would have been number 1)

The drumroll please…..

3. What Good is God? – Phillip Yancey – this is an account of many of Yancey’s travels in ministry and the messages he gave in difficult situations. It captures beautiful, cross-cultural pictures of grace in the midst of hardship. This book demonstrates how grace and forgiveness can bring light into the darkest of situations. An inspiring, thought provoking, and uplifting read.

2. The Executive and the Elephant – Richard Dafts

I really enjoyed this book that I won on Michael Hyatt’s blog. Dafts takes a look at the mental side of leadership. How often do we get stuck in the cloud of our own perceptions?  I’ve read many leadership books, but this one had some truly unique thoughts. Many books deal with structures and methods, this dealt with the underdeveloped topic of a leader’s internal world

1. Real Marriage – Mark Driscoll

Amid all the controversy and publicity, this is truly solid and worthwhile book. I do not agree with all of Driscoll’s theology, but as a defense for and positive advocate of marriage; it is fantastic. No couple could read this book and not come away challenged to deepen both their friendship and intimacy

 What is the best book you have read in 2012?

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