A Journey With the Organic God

Organic vegetable Boxes

Today I am reviewing Margaret Feinberg’s book, [amazon_link id=”B000SEPE0Y” target=”_blank” ]The Organic God[/amazon_link]. I have heard Margaret’s name for a number of years via social media as well as through co-workers, yet, I never managed to read her writings.

I’m glad this changed.

Margaret is an incredible writer. She crafts word pictures and uses stories to the fullest, illustrating the truths she is bringing to light.

I’ve already referenced her in one previous post, using her elaboration on a verse in Proverbs to talk of the “not so nice parts of our lives.”

In this book, she defines the Organic God as one we pursue, yet is mysterious. Unlike other mysteries which confuse or discourage, the mystery of God draws us into a deeper pursuit of Him

Organic vegetable Boxes
By: Andy Roberts

At one point, she references the Organic God as one who invites us to go on a journey with him. Only He is the one who “goes before you in this journey and makes it possible. God desires to restore relationship with us and embark on the journey each and every day.”

This journey together goes better than life lived on our own. We walk daily with the source of wisdom. Feinberg relates, “true wisdom always begins with a deep sense that God’s ways are wiser and better than our own…”

As believers we attempt to simply this mystery with wit and catchy phrases. Margaret has a humorous take on this. “While all these contain truth (our catchy phrases like “let go and let God, etc), never mistake wit for wisdom. Never mistake God for an acronym (WWJD, anyone?), or worse, think that He can be summed up in one. And always, beware of anything that rhymes.”

Life with the Organic God is so much more than can be captured in a phase or memory aid. He is our traveling companion, guiding at His speed and His pace, revealing Himself and His plan to us little by little. If God showed us our whole life at once, we would panic, pull a Jonah, and flee to ends of the Earth.

Margaret eloquently describes this journey, saying:

“Without his healing and forgiveness, my opinions become reactions, and in the process my spiritual life becomes more like a pendulum swing than a faith journey. The Organic God invites me to step off the pendulum and into a deeper, more balanced relationship with Him – where the way I want to live and respond is based on His guidance, His leading, and His wisdom rather than my own.”

The mystery of the Organic God is simultaneously attractive and frustrating, because in mysteries there are not always easy answers. Yet, as we pursue HIm, we find ourselves compelled  to live a life with HIm.

Won’t you journey with the Organic God? Join Margaret and NoSuperHeroes in this exploration.

[amazon_image id=”B000SEPE0Y” link=”true” target=”_blank” size=”medium” ]The Organic God[/amazon_image]

I received a free review copy of this book via my participation in Book Sneeze, but the opinions listed are my own.