The Bible is Boring

October 27, 2013

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It is confusing and overwhelming!
There are far too many contradictions for me to take it seriously.
I just don’t get it and frankly it is a bit out of date.

These are the honest objections to reading the Bible I was able to draw out of a recent recent group I taught. Once I got them past their mentality to say the right, religious answers;  we arrived at our honest feelings.

The Bible is boring.
I don’t get it.

We engaged in an exercise to first identify our objections to reading the Bible. Getting us to admit our true feelings is a necessary first step.

Then, we broke Psalm 119  into groups of 20 verses each. Together we read the passages,  noting every benefit listed about the Word, the Law, or God’s wisdom.

The results were a shock to our preconceptions. Look at the photo below. The writing in red is our honest feelings and objections. The green words are a sampling of the benefits. We ran out of room on the board to list all the benefits.


This picture speaks for itself.

It is clear the benefits to reading the Bible, far outweigh our objections or frustrations.

So the better question might be, why wouldn’t we want to read our Bible?

We have access to such desirable things as wisdom, guidance, and truth. Are we really too busy for these? Is it really too much effort to carve out a few minutes here and there to gain such treasure?

The price pales in comparison to the reward.

Our objections may be true. It is difficult at times to understand what is going on in the Word. And yes, there are parts which are just downright boring.

Let me remind you of a few things…

Everything worthwhile requires some hard work or effort.

We don’t have to read the Bible to be a good Christian; we get to.

We often wonder why God is not speaking to us or we desire to go deeper with HIm.

Perhaps we already have a tool (or six different styles and versions) for this gathering dust on our shelves.

So today, take moment to think about why we don’t read the Bible. Then look at this picture again and decide if our objections are worth missing out on the treasure inside.

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