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Malcolm Gladwell explores the concept of being at a disadvantage in the face of seemingly insurmountable obstacles in his new book, David and Goliath: Underdogs, Misfits, and the Art of Battling Giants. His premise is that weakness is not always what it seems.

Gladwell combines stories, history, research and psychology to draw his conclusions.

All these tools lead to the same conclusion as the gospel.

Weakness can be a strength.

This book uses different means and methods, yet arrives at a similar connection to the message we explore on NoSuperHeroes.

It is not always about being bigger, better, faster, or stronger. In my book Death of the Modern Superhero:How Grace Breaks our Rules, I explore how the gospel of grace breaks many of the rules we are taught through society. Gladwell does the same thing.

He starts with the story of David and Goliath.

Leading With A Limp

March 28, 2013

“We should bless men and women who have done their level best to escape leadership but who have been compelled to return and put their hands on the tiller. We should expect anyone who remains in a formal leadership context to experience repeated bouts of flight, doubt, surrender, and return. Here is one reason: the reluctant leader is not easily seduced by power, pride, or ambition.”

“God loves reluctant leaders and, even better, he loves reluctant leaders who know they are frightened, confused, and broken.”

The preceding quotes come from Dan Allender’s Leading with a Limp: Take Full Advantage of Your Most Powerful Weakness.

I have found myself attempting to share similar ideas. I’ve always said a leader who is eager for position and power, does not really comprehend what leadership is all about. That person has a glorified, false perception of the job and the price it carries.

The Value of Community

February 28, 2013

I recently saw the power of community in action.

I was away from my family in South Africa, traveling to teach in various Bible Schools and grace seminars. During my trip, my son began to suffer with asthma. We debated whether to take him in to the doctors, having treated this condition at home before. Finally, my wife took him in.

It was not long before we realized he would be admitted to the hospital with a case of pneumonia.

I was ten time zones away. How was my wife going to cope and still take care of our healthy son?

This is where community stepped in.

We had friends picking up our oldest (healthy) son, staying with him overnight, and eventually taking care of him for 2 days getting him to school and sports.

We had people offering to help with meals.

Weakness is Our Friend

July 30, 2012

Like many boys, my son, Garett, has a fascination with superheroes.

One day my wife, Lindsey, was home with our boys. She dressed our son up in his cape, and let him head off to the land of make-believe. He flew around the house for a while before retreating to the back porch. It wasn’t long until Lindsey heard a huge crash accompanied by the sounds of a crying boy.

Rushing outside, she found a pile of assorted lawn furniture that had been stacked into a platform, designed to be the launching pad for flight. Initially, she was concerned that he had been hurt as he sobbed uncontrollably, but as he calmed down, Lindsey found out the true source of his tears.

He crashed as he attempted to fly.

He had the cape, he built the tower, he believed with all his heart he could; still, gravity took effect and he crashed to the ground.