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“King Solomon was wiser when he was young than when he was old.”   Dr. Ron Smith

Considering Solomon to be a major contributor to the book of Proverbs is a sobering thought.

Solomon is famous for asking for wisdom when God granted him any wish. He received great wisdom, loved the Lord (1 Kings 3:3), and even had God appear to him twice! (1 Kings 3;5, 9:2)

But right before his love for God was recorded, we see him entering into a marriage alliance with the Pharaoh of Egypt. This was the beginning of the end for Solomon, culminating in 700 wives and 300 concubines.

How could a man with so much experience with God and wisdom, end up this way?

I’ve recently had the privilege of teaching the book of Proverbs. Here are a few things we can learn from the fact Solomon had wisdom but failed to finish well.


July 21, 2015

The idea of “Remember” is key in many areas of our lives.

To remember means:

  • To not forget.
  • To remind.
  • To reorient oneself to a previously determined course.

It is no wonder God uses this term often. With Israel, He always challenged them to remember the covenant. They were to observe many festivals and feasts, all designed to remind themselves of God’s deliverance, provision, and character.

These were holidays built into the calendar. In South Africa, we do this as well. One of my favorite ones is Freedom Day. This day remembers the struggle against apartheid and Nelson Mandela’s Long Walk to Freedom.

The Bible is full of things to remember:

  • Remember your Creator. (Ecc. 12)
  • Remember the Sabbath. (Ex. 20)
  • Remember the wife of your youth. (Prov. 5)

Why all this talk of remembering?

Simply put, because we are forgetful.

How many times have we heard change will occur in our lives, or even in our nations, when we begin to apply Biblical truth?

It’s true isn’t it?

You don’t have to be a believer to have God’s principles work.

  • If you handle money the way God tells us to, you will prosper. Think of how wealthy the Jewish people have become.
  • If you walk in the wisdom God gives for a healthy lifestyle, you will be in better health.
  • We all take certain Biblical values as absolutes, such as society being better if I do not go on a murder spree!

This has nothing to do with following God.

Can we as Christians journey to a place where truth substitutes for God?

A life focused only on truth can turn us into a manager. Skye Jethani describes it as being, “an autonomous being who has been given a divine manual for operating my life and world, and whose fate will ultimately rest upon how well I implement God’s principles and instructions.”

Perception Versus Reality

November 10, 2013

The other day my son was telling me I was in a bad mood that morning. I assured him I was not as my oldest son agreed. No matter how much I tried to convince my youngest, he would not be persuaded. I had been grumpy.

His perception, whether accurate or not, had become his reality.

This paradox appears in politics and the workplace. You might come armed with facts as to why a perception or an accusation is not true, but facts don’t have the power to sway pubic opinion in an instant

This happens in our marriages. How often do we use words like “always” or “never”. Do we ever find ourselves having conversations like this?

One spouse says, “I do this (task) as much as you do.”
The other spouse (usually the scorekeeping husband (not that I relate to this)), says, Well in fact I do this 72.6 percent of the time as compared to your 27.3 percent.


August 2, 2012

People are Valuable.

Many of the hot issues in today’s society come down to a misunderstanding of the unique and special image of God on humans.

Genesis 1:27 tells us that God created man and woman in the image of God. This gives humans the highest place in God’s created order. They are the most valuable thing on the planet.

Trees, plants, and animals all have value, but what separates them is that they do not bear the image of God.

If we walked in this truth, how would the following issues change?

1. Sanctity of Life. Abortion and Euthanasia are issues that come from not applying this truth. God values the young and old alike. We are able to express this care for mothers who choose to keep their babies. When the church helps with health care and education costs, they value life.