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  • Is Wisdom a Guarantee for Success?

    Is Wisdom a Guarantee for Success?

    “King Solomon was wiser when he was young than when he was old.”   Dr. Ron Smith Considering Solomon to be a major contributor to the book of Proverbs is a sobering thought. Solomon is famous for asking for wisdom when God granted him any wish. He received great wisdom, loved the Lord (1 Kings […]

  • Remember


    The idea of “Remember” is key in many areas of our lives. To remember means: To not forget. To remind. To reorient oneself to a previously determined course. It is no wonder God uses this term often. With Israel, He always challenged them to remember the covenant. They were to observe many festivals and feasts, […]

  • Can Biblical Truth Substitute for God?

    Can Biblical Truth Substitute for God?

    How many times have we heard change will occur in our lives, or even in our nations, when we begin to apply Biblical truth? It’s true isn’t it? You don’t have to be a believer to have God’s principles work. If you handle money the way God tells us to, you will prosper. Think of […]

  • Perception Versus Reality

    Perception Versus Reality

    The other day my son was telling me I was in a bad mood that morning. I assured him I was not as my oldest son agreed. No matter how much I tried to convince my youngest, he would not be persuaded. I had been grumpy. His perception, whether accurate or not, had become his […]

  • Unique


    People are Valuable. Many of the hot issues in today’s society come down to a misunderstanding of the unique and special image of God on humans. Genesis 1:27 tells us that God created man and woman in the image of God. This gives humans the highest place in God’s created order. They are the most […]