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  • Remember

    The idea of “Remember” is key in many areas of our lives. To remember means: To not forget. To remind. To reorient oneself to a previously determined course. It is no wonder God uses this term often. With Israel, He always challenged them to remember the covenant. They were to observe many festivals and feasts, […]

  • Thriving in Babylon

    I live in South Africa. Our president has multiple wives, has had numerous trials for corruption and other crimes, and it has been proven he used millions of public money for his personal house. Even so, compared to some other presidents around the world, ours is a saint. The multitude of Facebook comments from America […]

  • Has Integrity Become Old-Fashioned?

    One only needs to be a sports fan to be faced with this question. BBC ran an interview with Lance Armstrong. He essentially said, “I would cheat again, I would just treat people better.” Armstrong was famous for vehemently opposing those who questioned him. In American football, the Super Bowl bound New England Patriots find […]

  • Trusting God

    Love and Trust - Father tosses his confident daughter into to air accompanied by screams of delight.

    When life seems out of control, where do we turn for our anchor in the storm? Can we find peace through trusting God? Do we find secure in finances or retirement accounts? Do we¬†feel safe if we own personal guns or firearms? Do we depend on earthly governments to produce a sense of peace in […]