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One only needs to be a sports fan to be faced with this question.

BBC ran an interview with Lance Armstrong. He essentially said, “I would cheat again, I would just treat people better.” Armstrong was famous for vehemently opposing those who questioned him.

In American football, the Super Bowl bound New England Patriots find themselves in a scandal. We give names to these common occurrences, this one labeled as “Deflate-gate.” It centers around evidence that the balls were deflated, giving the quarterback an easier grip. Years ago, the star quarterback admitted this preference for a slightly deflated ball. The coach has crossed the line in the past. Did they do it?

The endless stream of denials of athletes and famous people have taken on an unbelievable feel. “I knew nothing of this” means just that, nothing.

Especially from people who have done it before.

Superstar Versus Team

June 19, 2012

The recent trend in sports is to assemble a collection of superstars in hopes of winning a title. Is this the path to success or would organizations be better served to build a strong team?

The trend in sports seems to favor teams with many integral parts over the collection of 1 or 2 superstar players.

History tells us this.

In the NHL, the newest Stanley Cup champions are the 8th seeded LA Kings. A collection of quality parts but without a superstar.

In the NFL, the less heralded little brother of Peyton Manning, Eli, wins against Hollywood Tom Brady.  Twice

The St Louis Cardinals beat my beloved Phillies on route to a title.

Speaking of the Philies, their worst collection of individual players is one that won the title. Since then, they have added superstars and left the playoffs earlier each year.