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  • Dark Night of the Soul

    Most of us are familiar with this term. Many have experienced a true, dark night of the soul. All of us can relate to times when our journey was at least a “dim night of the soul.” The phrase originated with St. John of the Cross who contemplated this from prison. He spoke of “how […]

  • Peace be With You

    My wife and I have recently come off a transition in our roles. We successfully passed off many of our leadership responsibilities to men and women we trained up and walked with. This is every leaders dream and greatest moment of success, to see something you’ve begun outlast you and be improved by another. It […]

  • Matt Chandler from Catalyst 2014

    I recently had the privilege of blogging at the Catalyst 2014 Conference as a part of the Blogger Team! Thursday nights session started with a worship time led by Matt Redman (his album [amazon_link id=”B00E4V0D76″ target=”_blank” ]Your Grace Finds Me[/amazon_link] is amazing.) Matt Chandler, the lead pastor at The Village Church and the President of the Acts […]

  • Where is God When…?

    When tragedy strikes, a question on the heels of this event involves some form of “Where is God?” As the horrors on the nightly news bombard us, it is simple to surmise God must have wound up the universe and let it go. Otherwise, we head down a path of unanswerable questions. If God is all-powerful, […]

  • A God of Justice or Grace?


    Is God a God of Justice or Grace? We often wrestle with these two seemingly opposite traits within our Father. Different Scriptures seem to show each perspective. Sometimes we feel like we are reading about two different gods who are at war. We usually end up choosing one at the expense of another. If there […]