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Superstar Versus Team

June 19, 2012

The recent trend in sports is to assemble a collection of superstars in hopes of winning a title. Is this the path to success or would organizations be better served to build a strong team?

The trend in sports seems to favor teams with many integral parts over the collection of 1 or 2 superstar players.

History tells us this.

In the NHL, the newest Stanley Cup champions are the 8th seeded LA Kings. A collection of quality parts but without a superstar.

In the NFL, the less heralded little brother of Peyton Manning, Eli, wins against Hollywood Tom Brady.  Twice

The St Louis Cardinals beat my beloved Phillies on route to a title.

Speaking of the Philies, their worst collection of individual players is one that won the title. Since then, they have added superstars and left the playoffs earlier each year.

Teams need to be built , they don’t just happen. Apple Computer has done an incredible job getting employees to commit to their culture and  environment. They begin an employee’s career by telling them they now have the greatest job. Walk into an Apple Store and you see the difference a positive work environments creates.

Even in families, things like traditions and routines create the sense of team and tribe. You are related by blood, yet the knitting together of hearts is a journey.

Here are 7 tips to build the creation of a team environment:

1. Get to know the team – Teams full of strangers do not understand each other in the same way. Time and history build a repertoire which breeds trust. Have times where members share their personal stories. Encourage team members to connect socially or outside of official meetings.