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  • Present or Future Focused?

    No President will get elected on a platform of restraint and cutting back. Political and economic decisions are often made for today without thinking of the future. In South Africa, where I live and work, we are having an electricity crisis. They need rolling blackouts because the demand exceeds capacity. The attempt to shut it down […]

  • Ongoing Forgiveness: Tale of 2 Nations

    “Ongoing Forgiveness is key to the Development of a Nation, Overcoming Horrors of the Past.” I recently spent some time in Rwanda. Both Rwanda and my home nation of South Africa had history altering events happen twenty years ago. The Rwandan genocide saw two tribes kill over one million people in just a few short […]

  • We Need Each Other – Desmond Tutu

     “We are made to be dependent on one another.” Desmond Tutu said this in a speech made during Leadercast. He spoke live from the Cape Town location and was beamed into 130 plus nations. Tutu told stories of how Nelson Mandela had valued people on the way to becoming an extraordinary leader. Nelson Mandela transitioned […]

  • My Favorite Nelson Mandela Story

    Sunday is a day of prayer and remembrance in South Africa. We are remembering the incredible life of Nelson Mandela and praying that his values and ideals will be carried through by current South Africans. The television channels have preempted all programs since his death and have been showing tributes around the clock. In the […]

  • In an Elevator with Desmond Tutu

    An ordinary trip to the doctor’s with my family turned special. As we were walking towards the elevator in an underground parking structure, I saw a small, older gentleman walking towards the elevator. My first thought was, “That looks like Desmond Tutu!” I motioned to my wife and whispered to her, wondering if she would […]