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  • 3 Simple Reasons to Practice Servanthood

    Servanthood is a buzzword in churches and leadership circles today. We need servant leaders, we want to serve our spouse and our families, and we are always asked to be a cheerful servant in various areas in our local place of worship. Why? Here are 3 reasons to practice servanthood. 1. We serve cause Jesus […]

  • Miserable Servants


    There are a group of people who serve in every church or volunteer group. In my missions organization, I find these folks on every campus. The Miserable Servants. People who are faithful to serve, but never seem very happy about it. You do your best to try and help them. You offer to reduce their […]

  • The Monkey Serves the Fish

    monkey fish

    I am being featured on Laura Parker’s blog, Life Overseas on Thursday and Friday. Check here for the¬†interview and a new guest post.¬† Along the missions and cross-cultural line of thought, I posted Monday on Duane Elmer’s book, Cross-Cultural Servanthood: Serving the World in Christlike Humility, looking at the process of serving while not putting […]