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Several former heroes and people of influence from the youth group era of my life have crashed and burned recently.

At times it has led me to exclaim, “Are there no heroes left who can finish well?”

I feel like the frequency in which I hear of friends and former students walking away from God or living in choices which are opposite of what God would desire; is increasing exponentially.

I feel weary as I watch people I care about wreak havoc in their own lives and the lives of others.

As I try to make sense of this personally, the common thread which emerges is selfishness.

This is not new. There really is nothing new under the sun.

  • Adam and Eve considered their view of the world better than God’s.
  • King David chose his own personal desires over that of a nation and his troops.

Are you a Narcissistic Leader?

The first response all of us have is, “Who me?  No way.”

But upon closer examination, all of us may have shadows of narcissism hiding in our hearts, much like pride and greed.

I’ve been reading a fantastic book recently by Dan Allender entitled, Leading with a Limp: Take Full Advantage of Your Most Powerful Weakness

Its main message is the best leaders are often the ones who are a bit reluctant. Leaders who acknowledge their shortcomings and weaknesses are those whom succeed.

Allender defines narcissistic leaders within a broad spectrum ranging from a cruel and powerful person, who seeks to win at any cost to the introverted, elite perfectionist. Narcissism comes in all shapes and sizes.

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He offers a “test” or questions to ponder for signs of narcissism. It’s so good, I’ve decided to share it with you.