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July 30, 2012

Tim Tebow involved in a sex scandal.”
“Billy Graham greatly overestimated the numbers saved at his crusades.”
“Outspoken Christian Jeremy Lin is really a Buddhist.”

People loves a good scandal.

Anyone of the above headlines would cause a flurry of clicks to read the account of a hero falling. (For the record, they are all false.)

The sports world has recently been rocked by revelations in which the ultimate good guy, Joe Paterno, and clean college football program, Penn State, covered up multiple cases of abuse by an assistant coach.

If you are not from Pennsylvania, it is hard to understand how shocking this is.

The location of Penn State is called Happy Valley.
Joe Paterno was the ultimate blue-collar coach who players adored.
Penn State has plain uniforms with no names signifying a team rather than individuals or superstars.

Pennsylvanians truly bleed the blue and white of Penn State.

Yesterday, I was commenting on an article written by Jeff Goins about Joe Paterno. (Click here to see it). As the words flowed out of me, I realized I had something I needed to process about Joe Paterno’s fall from grace and recent death.  Here is my rambling.

I am a life long Penn State and Joe Paterno fan. My father went to Penn State. I have fond memories of trips to State College for college football games. Trips that were not complete without some ice cream from the Creamery, where they serve “Peachy Paterno” ice cream.

Joe was the ultimate good guy. His fall from grace cannot be underestimated among Pennsylvanians. (If you are not familiar with story, this article gives a good overview). A heavy heart does not describe the sense of loss.