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“When we obey, we prove we love God.”

This kind of thinking is normal among us. In all man-made, man-centered religions; the emphasis is on obedience. Follow these rules or practices and maybe “the God” will bless you. Climb the ladder and hope you can reach the standard.

In the same way this line of thought reflects in our parenting.

We often reward good behavior with statements like:

  • “Do your chores and you get an allowance.”
  • “Get good grades and we will take you for dinner.”
  • “If you are good, you will get a treat.”

It is easy to slip into this mindset with God.

My 6th Grade Teacher:  Mrs Grace
* Follow the rules.
* Obey so that you will be blessed.

Obviously obedience is a good thing. And it is true there are blessings when you do things God’s way. After all, He made the planet and when we do it His way, it works.

Empty Promises

April 16, 2012

“Are you weary of all the empty promises that leave you longing and aching for more? This performance-driven lifestyle is just another form of idolatry and it will eventually leave you exhausted bitter and ready to give up.”

I recently read and reviewed Empty Promises: The Truth About You, Your Desires, and the Lies You’re Believing  by Pete Wilson as a reviewer for Book Sneeze. This is the best book I have reviewed as a member of this program.

Wilson has a nice page turning writing style, full of stories and challenging thoughts. One of his techniques is to rip off a list thought provoking questions that challenge readers to really search their hearts and apply what they are reading. Questions like:

The Epistle to the Galatians

November 3, 2011

Welcome to a new feature at In a mere “7 minutes”, you have an opportunity to meditate on the Bible for yourself with minimal time commitment. Be it with your morning coffee, before bed, or even the time spent in the bathroom; you can gain an understanding of various books of the Bible. This time together brings much more than knowledge, it  leads us to apply the truth found in the pages of Scripture. I hope as readership increases, this will become a conversation rather than a sermon. So, give “7 minutes a day” a try. See what you think!

The first book we will pursue is Galatians. Here is a brief introduction to the book. Check back soon for the first “study”

Brief Summary: