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  • Incomplete Grace


    Forgiven of all our sins. Going to heaven. Free from the shame and guilt of the past. These are all part of the gift of grace which accompanies faith in Christ for salvation. But its an incomplete grace. Prior to receiving grace, we attempted to meet God’s righteous standard by our works. This is impossible. […]

  • Is God Angry?


    One of the biggest fears in the hearts of believers is having a God who is angry with them. We lie awake at night feeling guilty for our latest mess-up, resolving to try harder the next day. We wake up and engage in good, spiritual activities attempting to “earn back” the favor of God we […]

  • Don’t Be A Man After God’s Own Heart

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    I have a confession. When I study Biblical characters, I often note their dark side. – Perhaps it is because we hear so much of their faith, their success, and their example. – Maybe it is to take away the mental picture of them walking around with halos on their heads. – Or I could […]

  • Religious Activism of the Insecure

    Inverted Vertigo

    I was sitting in a church service recently. The pastor used the phrase “Religious activism of the insecure.” to describe our attempts to do good in order to earn merit with God. This phrase stuck me. I did not hear much more of the sermon! As believers we are great at promoting activism or good […]

  • Merry Christmas : Celebrating The Great Appearing

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    I want to wish you and yours a Merry Christmas from NoSuperHereos. Celebrate, relax, and enjoy the season when we commemorate “the Great Appearing” —— Have you ever wondered why Jesus didn’t talk about grace? There are many today that would like to discount the grace of God for this fact. They argue that grace […]