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  • Tipping the Scale

    495550 old scales

    Today is the 3rd Anniversary of NoSuperHeroes. In honor of this, I have re-engineered the first-ever post, editing it and sprucing it up a bit. As you will see, we started with an emphasis on grace and relationship with God. Three years and 324 posts later, this is still the goal. Hope you’ve enjoyed the […]

  • What Music Are You Playing?

    Grace is so much more than forgiveness of sins, gaining us the event of salvation. Grace is the day-to-day journey of salvation. We were united with him in his resurrection. This does defeat “death” in our lives, but so much more; it means life! Paul in Romans 6 says our bodies are instruments of righteousness […]

  • Turn or Burn

    “The Wrath of God is coming on all flesh. This world is going away! Baseball is going away!” These were the words of a “turn or burn” street preacher I heard at a recent baseball game while in the United States. As he went on, I literally had to walk away because tears were forming […]

  • How to be a Biblical Hero

    Do you feel like you could never be a hero like those we read about in the Bible?  You hear sermon after sermon on their successes and faith, but it seems an impossible level to attain. It’s almost as if they were not real people, walking around with halos on the head. Take Abraham for example. […]

  • Unlawful Law

    Very often we emphasize love with those not apart of a church and rules with those in the church. We may have some of this backwards… Love should always be a part of our message and our lifestyle. Obedience and right lifestyle does set us apart… Paul said something to Timothy which caught my eye […]