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Grace and Anger

September 1, 2015

The topics of grace and anger are difficult to bring together. Even more so when we consider the emotions of God.

Our natural tendency is to transform God into a human. When we consider him as our Father, the reflection of our earthly parents influence our perspective.

How do we consider the anger of God and reconcile it with his grace without turning God into a human?

We use terms like “righteous anger” in an attempt to express it.

  • Jesus walked in this godly emotion while upsetting the tables in the temple.
  • “Be angry but do not sin.” (Ephesians 4:26)
  • Psalms 7 says God has “indignation every day” (Vs 11)

I have a number of situations right now where my prevailing emotion is anger. I’ve heard all the warnings through the years against this emotion.

  • Stay away from bitterness.

The Missing Link

May 29, 2012

You’ve heard of the missing link? Maybe he or she is looking back at you in the mirror!

It has been my experience that we often have a missing link or disconnect in our Christian lives.

I see this disconnect in discipleship where people are passionate for one cause and blind on a very similar issue.

I see it in our interaction with the world of politics. We blindly go with a party line and lose the ability to think and analyze an issue. We want to be told what to think, do and believe.

I see it in our response to sin.

Sometimes the sins we hate the most, actually have smaller tentacles in our own lives, although in a slightly different form.
– We hate sexual sin, but pay no attention to the need for modesty.
– We decry violence against women and children, but look at pornography on the side.
– We rightly believe unborn children have value yet lose interest in helping people once they have been born.